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Places to have fun!
Nothing more exciting that Miami at night with or without a date...


Hipsters never looked so good in green as they do at this space age cafeteria and lounge.
1921 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone (786) 276-6132
The Scene
Mynt is a bit reminiscent of a jet set, space age cafeteria (the location was a hopping cafe in the fabulous 1950s), with mod, modular furniture. Green walls and green lighting back up the white couches that line the entire length of the place, which is strictly a lounge and nothing more. The main room is as lithe as a supermodel, illuminated by backlit photographs of unknown pretty people. A long bar takes up the entire right side of the place. In the back is the requisite VIP area, with Lego-like furniture and softer lighting. Mynt is supposedly ventilated with aromatherapy, but it's hard to tell with all the cigarette smoke.

The Crowd
Expect a stellar crowd. Actor Steven Dorff, designer Alex von Furstenberg and models Frederique and Patricia Velasquez were spotted at a pre-opening party. Nicola Siervo of Joia fame is the lounge's frontman, so also look for local hipsters and the requisite models.


Purdy Lounge
One taste will have you begging for nightly visits ... Purdy, please.
1811 Purdy Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone (305) 531-4622
8 Days a Week
It doesn't matter what night of the week you hit the Purdy--the vibe is always groovy, the drinks are always good (and cheap) and the pool table is always lined with stacks of quarters as dozens of locals cue up for a game. The charm stems from the comfy couches and big plastic chairs shaped like giant hands. The chairs flank low, candlelit end tables, and the charm oozes from lava lamps casting their purple haze throughout the smoke-filled room. The retro tunes that stop and start as the CD-changer shuffles about confirm the feeling that you are at a sixth-grade get together in somebody's basement.

Vibe and Imbibe
On the bay side of la playa, The Purdy offers an escape from the thumpthumpthump that pulses through most other SoBe venues, making it a great place to bring a date that you actually want to have a conversation with. They also pour a mean drink (it gets even better when you befriend the bartenders, so kiss up, kids). Their version of the margarita is more sweet than tart, but at $6.50, it's all good.


Cafe Iguana
A Top-40 teeny bopper dance party for the MTV spring break crowd.
17 S Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316-1530
Phone (954) 763-7222
The Scene
What could you expect from a club located in a dining and retail complex such as Beach Place, besides youngsters and tourists? At Cafe Iguana, the large club located on the top floor of the mall, there are several bars and a dance floor on which you can boogie to the tunes of cheesy--and often raunchy--pop. MTV would kill to film one of the spring break orgies here. If you find yourself experiencing painful flashbacks to the days when you partied with a fake ID, look out the window and take comfort in the club's gorgeous ocean view.

The Draw
Besides the curious tourists and party hearty young 'uns searching for their own kind, there's also a cafe with typical the bar fare of salads, sandwiches and assorted appetizers.


Iguana Cantina
Give in to the hedonism. Chances are you won't remember what you did ... but your friends might.
3390 Mary St
Coconut Grove, FL 
Phone (305) 444-6606
The MTV Beach House Meets Cinco de Mayo
Sometimes you just need to have a drunk sweaty Kendall-dweller pressing up against you at 2am as you drown in Top 40 music and cheap beer. Before you know it, you're one tequila shot away from climbing on an elevated platform and doing some serious booty shaking. And forget about anonymity, because everyone you know comes here every once in a while (although they're probably loath to admit it if they're over the age of 22 ... and sober). With dance music in the main room, Latin rhythms in the salsa room and smooth jazz in the adjoining Martini Bar, this is the Grove's "Holy Trinity" of partying.

Iguana's Happiest Hours
Thursdays the gals pay no cover and drink for free all night, while the guys only have to pay $1 to get in. Fridays' Happy Hour, running from 5pm to 10pm, features assorted food and drink specials, lets the ladies in for free and gets the guys in for $5 if they are FL residents ($10 for out-of-towners). Saturdays round out the week with more drinking, dancing and general debauchery; everybody pays $5 to get in.


Wet Willie's
There's only one place for whetting your alcoholic appetite with the stealth bomber of frozen cocktails: Wet Willies.
760 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139-6252
Phone (305) 532-5650
The Scene
With such telling drinks as "Call a Cab," this beachfront oasis is not the place to go if you have a long drive ahead of you. A popular pre- and post-beach hangout, Wet Willie's is the ideal place to cool off and achieve a major buzz. Popular with the Harley set, tourists and beachcombers, this bar is best known for its rooftop patio (come early if you plan to get a seat) and its half-nude bikini beauties.

What We Liked
Huh? Who can remember?

General Vibe
A 21-and-over Spring Break.

Who You'll See
If you're not seeing double, you'll likely run into the local Harley gang, sandy and sweaty beach bums and tons of amused and inebriated tourists.



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