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Best Time to Go
Much like other southern cities, Miami is hot in the summer. But, with the sprawling Atlantic to cool you down, it's a great time to go. Many families hit Miami Beach during the summer, when the kids are out of school. Another great time to visit Miami is during the winter (October-April), when snowbirds abound. Prices are higher during this time because average temperatures top out in the mid 70s and the humidity is reduced by half.

Average Weather
January-March: Highs between 75-79; Lows between 59-64
April-August: Highs between 82-89; Lows between 68-77
September-December: Highs between 77-88; Lows between 62-76

You'll need a car to get from one area of Miami to another. It's pretty sprawled out. If you're staying in South Beach, don't worry about a car. You have all the restaurants, attractions, nightlife and daytime activities at your fingertips.

Miami is divided into quadrants: northwest, northeast, southwest, southeast. These meet at Miami Avenue, which separates east from west, and Flagler Street, which separates north from south. Avenues and courts run north-south; streets, terraces, and ways run east-west. Roads run diagonally, northwest-southeast. Don't be afraid to ask for directions.

As for taxis, beware. We don't put it past a Miami cab driver to take advantage of tourists.

In-Season Costs
Florida's high season is during the winter. You can expect hotel prices in Miami to skyrocket during this time. Restaurant prices remain fairly stable throughout the year, although you can cash in on some pretty good deals.

Day Trips
Tack on a visit to the beaches of Virginia Key and Key Biscayne. From here you can depart on a diving trip or fishing excursion or learn to windsurf.

Head over to Coral Gables to take in the 1920's Mediterranean Revival architecture in the city center and the majestic Biltmore Hotel. That night indulge in an evening of fine dining at your choice of gourmet restaurants in Coral Gables.

About four hours south you'll run into Key West, a thriving spot for nightlife, fishing and complete relaxation.

Keep in mind that you can get to the West Coast of Florida in a short three hours. Head over to Naples if time allows.


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